SnowGlobe 2012 Artist Spotlight: Flosstradamus X EPs

Here’s some fire from Chicago based SnowGlobe artist Flosstradamus. During their recent experimentation with Trap and Hardstyle, they have created the dirty abomination known as The X EP. Released in 3 parts, each part is supported by huge names in the European Hardstyle movement such as Frontliner, Noisecontrollers, Headhunterz, and Wasted Penguinz to name a few (it should be noted that these artists are also in DJ MAG’s Top 100 DJs). Out of the 9 tracks, 2NITE and XTERNAL L1F3 stand out as bangers. Turn up, drop the bass, and enjoy some music. Preview and downloads below. Be sure to check out the SnowGlobe Music Festival and catch Flosstradamus’ set on December 30th.

SnowGlobe Music Festival 2012

Flosstradamus X EPs








T2 -





Don’t forget to support all of these artists.

Flosstradamus -

Headhunterz -

Noisecontrollers -

Tuneboy -

DJ Isaac -

Wasted Penguinz -

Frontliner -

Filth Collins - Bam

A new free tune off of his soundcloud to celebrate the release of his new EP Let Me Go, Filth Collins throws down with this breaky dub track. Nice beats here. I’m not complaining after hearing this and Filth’s Bass Cannon rework. Check it out. Preview and download below.

Filth Collins - Bam

Support a dude down under. Hehehe.

Nit Grit & Stephen Jacobs - Pizza Party EP

Nit Grit and Stephen Jacobs release their FREE EP today. Its contains some pretty awesome songs including their remix of Metric’s Gold, Guns, Girls. Don’t stop is definitely something to check out. An all around good three track EP. Preview and download below.

Nit Grit & Stephen Jacobs - Pizza Party EP

Nit Grit is awesome.

Reso - Beasts in the Basement VIP + FREE EP

So I love the original of this dub track, but Reso just blows my mind with this VIP. The same beat but completely different. You can probably tell what I mean. Preview and download below.

Reso - Beasts in the Basement VIP

Free 3 Track EP and Mix

Support Reso please.

Kidnap & Ransom Illumination EP

Kidnap and Ransom are fairly new dubstep producers who have only been around for about 6 months. Their latest EP is an excellent collection of remixed tunes and original work. Remixes of Flashback and Just Believe are a couple of bangers on this tracklist. Be sure to support and follow K&R in the coming months. Below is a download link to their EP.

Illumination EP:

InContext - Just Believe (Kidnap & Ransom Remix):

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Kidnap & Ransom Dubstep Remix):